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Inside Celebrity Homes, Living Room Ideas -

TODAY news anchor Natalie Morales asked One KingsLane to come to the rescue and help with themakeover of her New Jersey home livingspace. Theysure did a wonderful job! Natalie's living room is...

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Architecture and Monuments -

Locks of love have damaged Pont des Arts

Too much love? “Locks of love” have been controversial among French officials and locals but have remained very popular for tourists since the trend appeared around 2008. Locks of love have damaged Pont des Arts, the famous Parisian bridge, forcing an evacuation...

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DIY Home Decor, Ressources -

Free mini-classes online, woodworking, gardening, paper crafts and more

At STYLE That Room, we love Craftsy! And once again, they came up with new ways to help us use our creativity. Enroll now to those awesome free online classes...

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