Don't spend all your tax refund on shoes!

Don't spend all your tax refund on shoes!

You guys. Listen to me. I'm gonna give you one piece of free advice and you better follow it if you want to keep your finances in check. DON'T SPEND ALL YOUR TAX REFUND ON SHOES! I repeat: do not spend the entirety of your tax refund on shoes, or bags, or clothes and even not on my magnificent tank tops that I make myself and sell here lol. No, but seriously. 

When I was young(er) and wild(er), I used to spend a huge chunk of my disposable income and some more, on fashion. It made me feel great! Until the end of the month when I had to figure out how I was going to afford the expensive rent of my tini-tiny studio in Paris on rue Piat, 19th arrondissement. And my phone bill. And electricity. And food for the next week. Ahh, being French, young and care free! 

The truth is, even though I loooved and still love buying clothes, and shoes, and bags, I was buying way too many dresses and useless hair accessories and ended up with my studio filled with stuff I would never wear. I spent a lot of my hard earned money including my tax refunds on stuff I couldn't/wouldn't/will not wear.

Sure, I bought some great pieces, including some I still wear to this day. But I also bought:

    • Cute but totally uncomfortable boots.
    • Dress that is way too short to wear without pantyhose but looks bad with pantyhose.
    • Idiotic way too high to walk heels. I could go on for hours.

      So don't make the same mistake I was making. Sure, reward yourself with using a portion of your tax refund if you want to reward yourself on whatever pleases you, but use the rest wisely: build up your emergency savings, pay extra on your credit cards, student loans, invest in your retirement account, etc.

      The tax refund money you receive may either be used to buy clothes you'll wear only once, or get you a step closer to your financial goals, whatever they may be (living debt free, saving for a down payment for a house, paying off your car...) So choose wisely. And if you follow my advice, once your finances are back on track, you can budget yourself a nice sweet little fashion budget every month. Trust me, it's all worth it.

      Xoxo, Lou




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