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4 realistic steps to transform your home into your dream home

We all need to have a little piece of heaven to call home. Follow these 4 realistic steps to transform your home into your dream home.

1. Be realistic with money

Don't overspend! Determine a budget that you are comfortable with. Nothing is worse than beginning a project and then realizing you can't afford to finish it. You don't want to be living in a renovation or construction site for years, as I'm sure that's not quite the dream home you have in mind. If you begin to spend more than you can afford, you will risk not being able to finish your project, at best, or going into debt or bankruptcy at worst (yes, it can happen to the best of us). If you spend too much on moving walls, expensive fabric curtains from Italy, or granite counter tops you can't afford, what are you going to do when there's no money to fix a water leak, or address the regular costs associated with maintaining a good home environment? It wouldn't be worth it.

If you're on a tough budget, think about "Do-It-Yourself" projects! There is so much you can achieve cheaply if you're willing to get your hands a little dirty. Ask around! Utilize social media- maybe a family member or friend is super crafty or knowledgeable and will be able to give you precious advice. Hey, maybe they'll even come to your place to help out, who knows? Browse Pinterest- it's a gold mine for really cute DIY home decor and awesome crafts, weather you're a beginner or a professional handyman/woman. Follow Lounel on Pinterest.

Don't be like this dog who spent too much and can't finish the renovation of his bathroom.

Bottom line: plan your budget accordingly with your income and fixed spending. Think about DIY projects.

2. Give yourself a timeframe you can realistically meet

It's better to take 10 years transforming a random space into your dream home, and be comfortable and stress-free financially, than to max out your credit cards on contractors to have it done in 3 months. With an unrealistic timeframe, you risk being bogged down in credit card debt for years. 

Also, if you can't afford contractors and you're a busy head of household, chances are you won't have much time to spare each week on big renovations or smaller projects. And that's ok! Don't add unnecessary stress to your life. If it takes a while to reach your goal, so what? You'll get there eventually, and when you ultimately look back, you'll be very proud of yourself. If you're crazy busy and just can't find any free time to dedicate to a project, recruit support from your family and/or friends. Maybe they can watch the kids once a week, or even one a month? If you work all the time, maybe you can at least reserve one hour every weekend to get yourself going. 

Don't be like Buffy who did not give herself a realistic timeframe.

Bottom line: don't add stress to an already busy life with unrealistic timeframes. Acknowledge before you even begin that it will take the time it will take, and that's ok!

3. Focus on 1 room at a time

Determine which room you spend the most time in (usually the living room or the kitchen), or which room is the most important to you (it could be your outdoor space or maybe your kids room?). Once you've made a decision, give all your effort to this room and this room only, until you're done. Then you can jump to the next room! It will help you stay focused and motivated, as you can see results faster. 

Do like this dog who takes it one step at a time.

Bottom line: one room at a time is the way to your dream home!

4. Buy the furniture and accent decor that are right for you

Forget the trends! This is your dream home, and what's important is that you feel good in it. Magazines and design websites sure are a great source of inspiration (like ours for instance, wink wink), and you should definitely take advantage of that. You don't, however, need to pay too much attention to what other people think. Spend the most of your furniture budget on pieces you really love and know you'll love for years to come, not on what the latest trends tell you are "so hot right now". Spend less and play with affordable small accent furniture and home accents (like throw pillows, candle chandeliers, wall art, etc.) Trust me, these are the pieces you will change the most often. You'll be able to afford to dramatically change the look and feel of a room once you get tired of it, so your home can forever remain your dream home.

Don't be like this dog who followed trends instead of buying what's right for him.

Bottom line: spend the most on big furniture pieces, spend less on accent decor.

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