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Go RETRO! Easy DIY vinyl record SIDE TABLE

DIY record side table

Source: The Flourishing Abode

A little while back, I transformed the formal dining room we weren't really using into a lounge/man (and woman) cave/music/reading awesome space. My husband has tons of vinyl records (and a really cool record player I gave him for his birthday), and I had the idea of repurposing one of his vinyls (that he never ever listened to and with his permission!) into a DIY project.

I've been doing some research and came across this really cool do-it-yourself record side-table.

For this project, you will need: a planter stand, a mini hot glue gun, mini hot glue sticks, and, of course, an old LP vinyl record that you don't mind repurposing (you can find cheap ones at thrift stores).

The result is a really cute and retro side table! Head over to The Flourishing Abode for full instructions.


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