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(VIDEO) Locks of love damage bridge in Paris

Locks of love have damaged Pont des Arts


Too much love? “Locks of love” have been controversial among French officials and locals but have remained very popular for tourists since the trend appeared around 2008.


Source video: Reuters on Youtube

Evacuation after part of Pont des Arts's railing collapsed

Locks of love have damaged Pont des Arts, the famous Parisian bridge, forcing an evacuation after part of its railing collapsed. As a result of the trend, bridges all around the world have seen locks of love attached to their structure. It’s a romantic gesture, made by mostly tourist couples, that involves writing the lovers' names on a padlock, attaching the lock to the bridge and sealing their love by throwing the key into the Seine River.

While we hope love can last forever, it has to be noted than the padlocks have been regularly detached by officials in the City of Light, who have been warning against the potential danger caused by the weight of the padlocks on the bridge's structure, as well as the Seine pollution caused by the metal contained in the keys.

Police were forced to evacuate and close Pont des Arts after part of its railing collapsed under the weight of lovers' padlocks. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and Pont des Arts will reopen shortly.

Anne Hidalgo, the new mayor of Paris, has recently decided that all locks of love will be removed from Parisian bridges. However, lovers vacationing in Paris need not worry; the French capital's mayor is looking for a safer alternative to allow couples to leave a token of their love in the most romantic city in the world.

What about you? What do you think of lovelocks?


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