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Hair Tutorial -

This video from Luxy Hair will show you 3 super cute and easy hairstyles that are perfect for everyday. So be ready to twist your hair and have a few bobby pins on hand, and you sure will look your best effortlessly. If you don't have very long hair, do like Mimi in the video and cheat with hair extension, no one will know the difference! Bonus: stick to the end of the video to see a squirrel who may be looking for a new hairdo as well. I still haven't decided what I like best in the video: the hairstyles or...

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Living Room Ideas -

6 EASY steps to make your living room feelmore SOPHISTICATED

1 - Introduce a simple color scheme: white and [insert your favorite color here ]...

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Expert Advice -

We all need to have a little piece of heaven to call home. Follow these 4 realistic steps to transform your home into your dream home. Advice #1: be realistic with money...

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